How do people become marathoners? It happens by stages: 

*  Watching a friend race and thinking, "Why marathons?"
*  Trying run-walks with your friend thinking, "What are marathons about?"
*  Getting the shoes, stretching, running, keeping time and pursuing, "How to run a                    marathon?"
*  Friends you run with ask you to coach them and you wonder, "What if I coached or we            started a running team?"

According to Phil Maynard, this is just how people become followers of Jesus.

*  Beginning by wondering, "Why Jesus?
*  Exploring faith and asking "What is Jesus about?"
*  Growing with Jesus by asking and practicing, "How do I live like Jesus?"
*  Maturing with Jesus by exploring and answering, "What if Jesus sent me to help others on      the journey?"

Where are you on the journey? 

Where you are is the best place to be! It's the place from which you can take the next step, and the next.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out possible next steps. So, Shady Grove United Methodist Church is using Phil Maynard's Real Discipleship Survey. We hope you will take it. But we have to warn you . . . it's not definitive. It won't pin you down. It won't tell you if you're a mega-disciple or an ultra-disciple. No, it's actually a very simple tool. It's not scientific. It's conversational. It's meant to get you thinking and noticing, talking with God, discerning with a friend.

You can approach the survey in one of two ways (or both!)

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or not sure where to start?